Third Party Inspection

Weld Spec has a history of providing reliable Third-Party Services since its founding in 1999. With experience gained in completing numerous projects, Weld Spec is a reliable partner for all phases of your next project. Weld Spec provides services to Capital Projects, Maintenance Construction and Inspection Projects, Turnaround and on-Stream Services to major industries including Refining, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Wind Energy industry sectors.


Non Destructive Testing

Our Inspection services provide comprehensive asset integrity management solutions that will solve your business’s unique challenges. Our inspectors are skilled in API 570, API 510, CWI, and visual inspection. Our goal is to provide total encompassing asset integrity to our clients.


Mechanical & Metallurgical Lab Testing  


Rope Services

Our Rope Access team provides a safe and cost-effective way to solving your problems by limiting the number of people exposed, minimizing downtime and footprint. We provide flexibility and versatility and simplicity of timely and efficient rescue. We offer Traditional NDE, Advanced NDE and Maintenance. 

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