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Drone Inspection

Using certified, professional pilots to operate drones, Weld Spec Inc enables inspections on assets in hard-to-reach places, inspecting operating equipment, identify flaws in insulation and defects on in-service equipment which will aid in maintenance plans.

Our cameras can zoom in for close-ups of equipment like flare stacks while they are running, instead of the traditional approach: shutting down the system while an inspector climbs the stack to examine it.

Drones are used to inspect the floating roofs on tanks for gaps, tears, or holes in the seal or seal fabric.

Drone inspections are a more effective solution because it saves time and resources rather than traditional methods where an inspector would have to climb up and down ladders to perform a limited inspection. Our drone services can do a full 360-degree aerial inspection safely from the ground. Thermal Imagery helps detect hotspots early on to prevent costly repairs.


Drones increase safety by reducing the need for physical inspections. The need to access structures at dangerous heights is eliminated. Drones make it possible to inspect these hazardous areas safely from the ground.

Using thermal sensors, inspectors can detect hotspots in equipment insulation. 


Underground pipeline leaks can be pinpointed by aerial photography to create high-resolution imaging that can show plant kill-off zones, a sign of leaks.


Pipeline water crossings can be inspected using the high-resolution imaging.


Drones mounted with infrared cameras can produce thermal imagery of pipeline routes and hotspots may point to potential defects in pipeline insulation or leaks invisible to the human eye.

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