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Metallurgical Engineering Consultation & Failure Analysis

At Weld Spec, we provide consulting services for material selection, materials’ mechanical and physical properties suitability review, heat treatment requirements, process parameters and process deficiencies for the refining, petrochemical and steel industries. Knowledge of metallurgy and materials are an essential part of what we do.


Failure Analysis

A failure analysis is often conducted when a part or system component fails to perform to expectations due to excessive wear, corrosion, stress, or complete failure occurs. The goal of the analysis is to go beyond finding the failure mode and finding the root cause.

Our metallurgical staff has 30+ years’ experience in performing failure analysis in a variety of industry applications, processes, and materials.

With our expertise and an array of test methods available to us, a thorough investigation will be completed to determine the failure mechanism and offer recommendations for preventing a recurrence. The data is summarized in a comprehensive report for our client.

  • Turn-key metallurgical failure analysis service

    • Consulting​

  • Rush and Expedited services available as needed

  • Corrosion testing per ASTM G48, A923, A262

  • Carburization assessment per NACE TM0498

  • Boiler tube DWD per ASTM D3483 Method C

  • Ferrite volume fraction determination per ASTM E562

  • Grain sizing per ASTM E112

Other Services

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