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On-Stream Inspection Services

Gas Plant


  • Year-round API and NDE service support to existing or new Mechanical Integrity (MI) and Run & Maintain programs

  • Personnel knowledgeable in analysis and corrosion monitoring software such as UltraPipe, PCMS, or client software packages can be provided to track and monitor collected data

  • Perform and document required inspections at the required intervals, keeping the facility in compliance with OSHA 1910 regulations and improving overall reliability of the operating facility

  • Perform process hazard analysis on systems as required by OSHA

  • Perform Risk Assessment and prioritize inspection and maintenance for pressure retaining equipment

  • Establish a complete history on equipment from initial construction and installation, inspection intervals and results, and maintain current documentation and historical data on each item

  • Establish and monitor corrosion rates on piping and equipment based on archived and current thickness measurements

  • Keep plant P&ID’s and piping isometric drawings up to date, tracking all system changes or improvements

  • Supplemental CAD services available

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