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Weld Testing Services

Weld Spec offers independent, Third Party weld testing services for Welder and Welding Operator Qualification testing, Weld Procedure Qualification testing, and Consulting Services for Weld Procedure Specification development. All of our services and testing are performed in-house, assuring our customers accurate and timely results.

Weld Qualification (WQ) Testing Services

Weld Spec has 30 test booths for in-house welder qualification testing in SMAW, GTAW, GMAW and FCAW welding processes. All base materials are machined to required joint tolerances in-house and all materials and consumables are traceable and certified. If needed, we can also oversee welding and testing on any uncommon customer-supplied materials.

At the customer’s discretion, destructive or nondestructive testing will be performed on test coupons in accordance with code requirements. Certified test reports will be issued upon completion of testing.

Weld Procedure Qualification (PQR) Testing

Our experienced staff can assist the client in developing a welding procedures that will cover the project requirements and comply with the welding variables and limitations specified by the applicable code.

Procedure qualification test coupons can be welded at our facility to independently monitor welding parameters if necessary or alternatively, can be welded at the customer’s facility and submitted to Weld Spec for the required testing. Various tests are performed on the completed test coupon in accordance with the requirements of the applicable code as well as any client-specified testing requirements and may include tensile and bend testing, Charpy Impact testing, Ferrite Content, Hardness Testing, and Metallographic Examination. Upon completion of the testing, results are reported in a written Weld Procedure Qualification Record.


Weld Procedure Specification (WPS)

Weld Spec can provide consulting services to clients that may need assistance in developing their own written Welding Procedure Specifications required by the codes or standards they work to or special applications they just may not be familiar with and unsure how to proceed. Our many years of experience in WPS development can help assure a smooth transition to new welding requirements.


  • 30 Stations for weld testing

  • Welder procedure specifications

  • Welder procedure qualifications

  • SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW welding processes

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